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ZINGURU CLASSES - A fresh initiative to realize the ZING of GURUS in shaping young minds to attain the realm of excellence. We truly believe in the role of Gurus to make ordinary students to extraordinary and then transforming them to achieve their goal. In ZINGURU CLASSES, teachers are first trained to Gurus and then they are introduced to our students so that these Gurus can support them in entire sphere of their life rather than subjects only...


Uniform Education System: Equal platform for every child to get uniform education irrespective of their economic background.

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An education system where teachers truly believe in taking responsibilities of student's future holistically.

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Transition phase from childhood to adulthood is the concern of each parent. We have to be very practical while imbibing good..

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Our Testimonial

Thank you for being my teacher. You taught me how to do challenging topics in your class. I appericiate all your effort you put into help me understand. Most of all, you care for me with your whole heart!...

Shivam SainiFinal Year MBBS, PGIMS Rohtak

During my prepration time, I found Rajeev sir as the most supportive teacher & easy to approach. His lectures are very interesting , clarity in concepts and highly motivating. I am lucky as I was his student...

Nancy Agarwal- IIT Mumbai, MIT USA

While Preparing for one of the toughest exam in India, concept clarity is very much needed. I must say that lectures of Rajeev Sir have full visualisation of subject with relevent examples, which gives a clear picture...

Avi Chawla- IIT BHU, Computer Science

Rajeev Sinha Sir taught me hight school Physics for two years and it was the best learning experience I ever had. While teaching he used to start from basic and further explain with examples and then take it to advance...

Dinesh Kirad- IIT ROORKEE
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